Caffeine-free/ Herbal Teas ( "Tisanes")

This is a category of what most generally consider “Tea” but is correctly given the name of Tisane. Light of Day Organics offers a wide variety of Tisanes, all of which are naturally caffeine-free.  Tisanes can be made from just about anything: roots, bark, berries, dried fruits, herbs, flowers, mushrooms, seeds, etc. They are often chosen by our customers for a specific medicinal or therapeutic soothing benefit that they have identified with use.   Tisanes are what most people reach for when they are not feeling well.

An example of a fruit Tisane is our Hummingbird Nectar . The colorful fruits it is comprised of contain many wonderful vitamins. This particular Tisane is caffeine-free, brightly-red colored from the Hibiscus and Traverse City Tart cherries – just a perfect choice for all ages!

“At our house, our children like to freeze the Hummingbird Nectar in ice cube trays and add to sparkling grape juice ( “Children’s wine” ). After we have infused the fruit to drink, we even save the strained “tea,” and add it to pancake batter or muffins! Truly a remarkable, multi-use, FUN, refreshing drink!” -Angela Macke, founder