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Certified Organic Teas...Grown & Blended with LOVE since 2003.

Enjoyed Everywhere. demeter 60x60MosaMade in MIUSDA


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                                                                                                                                         Your Conscience Never Felt So Good.

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                                   Sip your Tea


                                                    Appreciate The Wonder

                                                                                             Of All Creation

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Certified Organic Teas...Grown & Blended with LOVE.

Enjoyed Everywhere. demeter 60x60MosaMade in MIUSDA

Nurture Yourself Today...Drink Tea!

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Michigan's only Certified Organic & Biodynamic Tea Farm. Since 2003. demeter 60x60MosaMade in MIUSDA  


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Radiate Love as you enjoy our products.

Certified Organic. Grown & Blended with Reverence.

Enjoyed Everywhere. demeter 60x60MosaMade in MIUSDA

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 demeter 60x60MosaMade in MIUSDA                                                                           Welcome!

                                                                                               Peace to you.

Our Welcome Video

Matcha Capsule Video

Welcome to our online Tea Shop!

This is the direct source for our delicious, award-winning, legendary loose leaf teas! Our land, water & processing facilities are inspected & audited annually by the national organic program & have been certified usda organic and demeter biodynamic® since 2005.  Using traditional regenerative agricultural practices, our mission & passion is to grow & produce a wide variety of Michigan-grown ingredients of pristine quality, to educate about holistic health & to teach through example about reverence for all life.  Any ingredients grown by our partner farms is also certified organic & is purchased using fair trade standards which are intended to support & honor the intense human effort that is required with literally every aspect of tea production. Our harvesting, finish blending & all packaging is done by hand right here in our commercial kitchen.
Thank you for your commitment to local organic agriculture.  Thank you for seeking us out.  Welcome. 

MOSA      Demeter     USDA Organic      Made in Michigan


Certified Organic and Demeter Biodynamic® Teas... from farm to cup!

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What Light of Day Organics is...

Award-Winning Tea

Did you know that Light of Day Organics is the only Certified Organic and Demeter® Biodynamic commercial grower of Tea Plants (Camellia sinensis)  in North America? If you’re ever in the area, please schedule a visit to our Farm and  Retail Tea Shop / Tea Bar  to experience this very special place for yourself. We’re so happy you found us and warmly welcome you to our farm family!

Delivery Network

We partner with the United States Postal Service  to provide efficient, safe, trackable and reliable delivery of your order via Priority Mail on every order.

We offer many educational opportunities each year.

For more information about our classes, click here.

Light of Day Organics has been producing and sourcing superior quality, 100% certified Organic and Demeter Biodynamic Teas since December of 2003.

For more information about our farm or our products, click here.