Chakra Teas

About our Chakra Tea Collection…

The concept of Chakras evolved from the ancient spiritual systems of India and South America. Chakra, the ancient word for “wheel”, is an energy center, a vortex of radiant light and life force (also known as “Chi”) that is constantly turning and expanding. The Chakras are a very real part of your energetic anatomy, as evidenced by the electrical activity we can visualize with the aid of common monitors found in hospitals such as E.K.G, E.E.G machines, etc.

The opening of the Chakras is a journey towards becoming your true self … a journey into a balanced life, one centered around God, our Creator and Source of all life. It is a holistic way of unfolding all the God-given potential that you have within you as a human being. You are a biological being which has been thoughtfully created by the Divine.

There are seven major Chakra systems, each with its own distinct center of intense, concentrated energy. Each has a specific vibrational element, color, shape, sound, and influence, connecting the body, mind, and soul.

At birth, the Chakras are open, healthy, radiant, and full of vitality, unless there has been a birthing or prenatal trauma. As children grow and develop, the various levels of intensity of human interactions such as fear, rejection, failure, and physical or emotional traumas can cause the Chakras to close. By adulthood, they may be completely closed and if there is unbalance or disharmony, illness can begin. When a person buries a painful experience, the body begins to vibrate its energy sub-optimally.


The First Chakra - Root, Base of Spine

Color: Red – To warm, revitalize, awaken the life force (Kundalini), vitality and courage.

Purification and transformation of body and spirit.

Function: Tribal security, being grounded to the physical world, finding material security, and maintaining balance. Rooted, satisfied, baptism. Trusting, you open yourself to life on Earth and accept everything it holds in store for you with gratitude.

Chakra 1 Tea: Red Raspberry Green Tea (Green Tea, Raspberries, Hibiscus)


The Second Chakra - Sacral, Pelvis

Color: Orange – Provides us with stimulation. Renews energy and frees us from rigid patterns. Encourages self-esteem and the joys we get from sexual pleasure.

Function: Relationships, attachment, and letting go. Energy of the communion with another. Creative life energy streams through your body, soul and mind, enabling you to participate in deep joy of creation and all life. You are filled with genuine awe and enthusiasm. Transformation of giving up one’s own ego through union with beloved.

Chakra 2 Tea: Happy Spleen Green (Green tea, Oranges, Apples, Mango, Calendula petals, Rosehips, Hibiscus)


The Third Chakra - Solar Plexus, Waist, Stomach

Color: Yellow – As we approach inner wholeness, the third Chakra gradually transforms the yellow light of intellectual understanding to the golden light of wisdom and abundance. Aids in digestion, both on a physical and spiritual plane. Compensates fatigue, creating joy and cheerful relaxation.

Function: Honor Oneself: self-esteem and self-respect. Need for forgiveness. Expansion. Confirmation. Coming of age, acknowledge personal code of honor. Attitude and appreciation for all one has, and gratitude for life itself. Active contact with people and the material world.

Chakra 3 Tea: Lemony-Ginger Sunshine (Lemon Peel, Ginger, Chicory root, Lemon Balm, Lemon Grass, Lemon Myrtle, Orange peel, Hibiscus, Cinnamon and Coriander)

The Fourth Chakra - Heart, Chest

Colors: Green / Pink – Green is the color of healing, sympathy, and harmony, which makes us receptive for reconciliation; Pink – The gentle, tender pink can loosen tension in our heart, awakening feelings of love and tenderness.

Function: The purpose of the heart Chakra is to achieve perfect union through love. Love is the only authentic power. Unconditional love, developing self-love, understanding, and acceptance of self are very  important. Celebration, Safety, & Freedom are themes. Sacred Union of Marriage. Reconsideration of covenants. Endurance beyond your physical body. Refine your power of forgiveness. Violations rectified so that healing can take place. A completely open heart Chakra will transform you into a channel of peace so that you can experience Divine love. The energies of your heart can change the world around you , and unite (even help heal) the people around you.

Chakra 4 Tea:All Heart (Green Tea, Pink Rosebuds, Cherry)


The Fifth Chakra - Throat, Neck

Color: Blue – this color creates calmness and expanse; helps open you to spiritual inspiration.

Function: Willpower. Communication, honest expression, articulation. Confession. Be aware that both mercy and judgment reside in the throat. Communicate completely and with integrity. Surrender personal will to Divine will. Honesty /Integrity= Thrive! Release judgment. The fifth Chakra is a bridge between our thoughts and feelings, impulses and reactions, through spoken word.

Chakra 5 Tea: CherryMint Tea (White Tea and Buds, Hibiscus, Cherry, Spearmint and Maple Syrup bits)…cooling and soothing.

Fragrances clear and widen the fifth chakra, lending creativity and naturalness to our communication. Communicate your intentions with impeccable speech (say the right thing to the right person at the right time with the right frequency…as the Bible says- let your “yes” mean “YES!” and your “no” mean NO!)


The Sixth Chakra - Forehead, Third Eye

The Sixth Chakra ~ forehead, third eye

Color: Indigo Purple – Extrasensory perception is shown in shades of violet. Transparent indigo has an opening and purifying effect. Provides the mind with inner calmness, clarity and depth.

Function: Visualization. Understanding. Intuition. Memory. Intellect. Open to mystic truths. Noticing dreams coming true. Clairvoyance. Self-care and Equality. Seek only the Truth. Ask “Why?” Ordination.

Right Livelihood. Become a vessel of Divine intervention. Radiate love and supportiveness. Shed human reasoning to embrace Divine Reasoning. Notice the material world becoming transparent.

Chakra 6 Tea: Leelanau Licorice (Licorice root, Organic Peppermint leaf) … Stimulates concentration.


The Seventh Chakra - Crown, Top of Head

Colors: Violet / White – color of devotion and meditation. White contains all the colors of the spectrum; integrates the different levels of life to a higher unity and opens our souls to divine light, knowledge, and healing.

Function: Complete comprehension. Living in the present moment. Inspiration to ecstasy, access to divine wisdom, know the Sacred Truths. Awareness of more than our physical bodies. Extreme unction. Examine into whose hands you have commanded your spirit. A retreat, when you are away from earthly cares and events of personal life, is a good way to help the Seventh Chakra to open up.

Chakra 7 Tea: Enlightened White (White tea, Orange, Tangerine, Lotus.) …The scent of the Lotus flower bears the message of love, joy, and knowledge, guiding the receptive and ready soul on it’s path to unity with God.

We welcome your feedback on these very unique products that have been a staple in our product line since we first began back in late 2003. Our “Tea fairies” have made them with much love and positive intention for your well-being and the healing of our beloved Earth. Many of the ingredients have been grown right here in Traverse City on our certified organic and Demeter Biodynamic farm. We truly hope that you enjoy.