Summer of Tea

Lick the Plate's Summer of Tea

A summer-long immersion into the world of tea with Lick the Plate host and tea rookie David Boylan

The Backstory 

Prior to having Light of Day Organic Tea owner Angela Macke on Lick the Plate three years ago, my interest in and knowledge of tea was limited. After recording that show and a tour around her amazing Traverse City farm, my interest was piqued, I wanted to learn more and Angela was open to the idea of guiding my journey into tea. Since then, we’ve become neighbors on the Leelanau Peninsula and decided to revisit the project. My objective, through my gradual education over the course of the summer,  June 21 – September 22, is to share my journey with those like me, tea rookies who are curious and open to the multitude of taste and health benefits of tea. And who better to guide my journey that one of the most respected tea farmers and producers in the country and Registered Nurse Angela Macke. The licensed nurse part is important to me as her health benefit claims are rooted in science and studies.

My journey will be shared twice per month and be posted here as we release the content…presented in the loose, conversational manner Lick the Plate is known for. The full schedule and immersion topics can be found below, should my tea discoveries  pique your interest, you can order tea directly through the links provided.  I’m stoked to dive into this “Summer of Tea” and share my discoveries!

 David Boylan,  Host of  'Lick the Plate'  Traverse City- Detroit- San Diego

LTP Summer of Tea Content Guide

Each segment will include tasting notes from a different Light of Day tea.

June 23  - Summer of Tea launch + history, definition and global consumption preferences  READ NOW 

July 19 – Tasting notes - Sunday Morning - Tea classifications and components READ NOW

August 5 – Tasting notes - Leelanau Licorice - Tea properties and benefits  READ NOW

August 18 – Tasting notes - Hummingbird Nectar - Mass market tea versus organic artisanal options

August 30 –Tasting notes - Heartwarming Cinnamon - Health benefits of tea

September 9 – Tasting notes - TBD.  Fun with tea in cooking and cocktails

September 23 – Tasting notes - TBD. Recap and tea revelations from the Summer of Tea