Existing Wholesale Customers:

Thank you for partnering with us! To support accuracy and efficiency in processing your order, we respectfully request that all orders to be received in writing, please. Email your order to  wholesale@lightofdayorganics.com. We will then prepare an invoice and email to you for secure payment via Quickbooks ACH.  If you have questions, please call  231-228-7235. Please leave a message if no phone answer; we promise to get back with you the very next time we’re in the office. Due to the agricultural nature of the business, the phone is tended to only when our retail store is open on the weekends.

New Wholesale Inquiries:

Thank you for your interest in partnering with us to offer your customers award-winning Light of Day Organics loose leaf Teas! Due to labor intensity, we do not offer a discount on our retail-size tins, but are pleased to offer a sliding-scale discount* on pound bags in our wholesale program to approved wholesale partners who can answer “yes” to the following questions:

  • Are you allowed to serve prepared drinks at your place of business? A licensed commercial kitchen is required in the state of Michigan for commercial food & drink service.

  • Are you comfortable purchasing our loose teas by the full pound (Approx. 240 servings per pound)? 

  • Are you agreeable to putting our name (and sun logo upon your request) on your menus, website, and other marketing materials: “Tea sourced from Light of Day Organics- Traverse City, Michigan”?

  • If yes to ALL of these questions, please read on, and follow the directions as listed below, so that we can help you and your customers/clients/guests experience Light of Day's delicious products at your place of business as soon as possible.

  • Please complete and submit your  New Customer Application,  Foodservice Agreement form , and a copy of your Resale Tax ID to: wholesale@lightofdayorganics.com.  Once your completed paperwork is received in full, we will reach out by phone for a personal welcome, answer any questions you may have, provide training materials, and help you create your first order. We can have your first order ready for pick up or shipping right away.

*Our Foodservice partner discount is a percentage off the products in our Wholesale Catalogue of offerings compared to the regular list prices on this retail website. Discount is 10% off pound bags 1-5, then 15% off orders of 6 pounds or greater. One full pound of our loose leaf teas yields approximately 240 servings (average cost to your business per 16 ounce cup is just 60 cents!). We encourage new accounts just starting out with our teas to begin with our 50-serving retail-size tins. Once those are close to empty and ready for refilling, you will have gained confidence in our tea program and will be ready to benefit from the applicable discount on our full pound bags.