Yoga 2016


"From a young age, music, movement, and athletics were a big part of my life. Whether it was playing the piano, dancing, cheerleading, or playing softball, being active has always been something I've enjoyed. As an adult, my need for movement drew me towards cycling, hiking, and running, and I began to use yoga as a way to increase flexibility and strengthen my body.

During graduate school, I turned to yoga for more therapeutic needs: to help me breathe, de-stress, stay grounded, and sleep better. Now, yoga has taken center stage and has become an important part of my everyday self-care and spiritual life. It helps me to take time for myself and create balance between my career as a school psychologist and my life outside work. I practice and instruct weekly and have earned an additional certification to work therapeutically with clients who have been diagnosed with cancer. I believe that the healing nature of yoga goes beyond the postures and travels into our souls and spirits. I take a relaxing and meditative attitude towards yoga, and I consider myself very lucky to share this healing modality with our community."