What's in Bloom- End of July-peak of Summer 2020 & Northern Harvest 20

Uplifting, glorious blooms at the Tea Farm- Peak of Summer

"Northern Harvest 20" Book Release

Celestial Blue Hydrangea
Lilies by wrought iron
Lucifer African Daylily
Blueberry Blessings- our Featured Tea for this time in the season! SHOP Blueberry Blessings
Blueberry Blessings
Parsley Drying
Butterfly weed
Lemon Balm
Bee Balm- Red
Red Hibiscus

Hello out there to our Light of Day extended friends and family!

For this newsletter, we're showcasing one of our favorite non-caffeinated products  "Blueberry Blessings". Its base is Red Rooibos, which  is believed to be high in anti-oxidants, and contains nine trace minerals including iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc, calcium,  sodium, as well as many yet unknown micronutrients. It also has a calming effect for most people. Next, Madagascar Vanilla Bean extract, Cornflower petals, and of course plenty of  whole dried blueberries are hand-blended in.  The steeped  liquor is a beautiful auburn color, and is delicious as hot tea, or when well -cooled and  served over ice. Less than 10 calories in a whole quart if you prepare with one heaping teaspoon. It's a wonderful choice for staying hydrated and supporting inner calm. There is a link to follow just below my signature  if you're ready to shop.

Thank you again for your support of certified organic local agriculture with your online orders.  Farm visits this season are by appointment only for customers who have placed an online order. Local Pick Up hours are between  1-3 pm Monday - Friday.
Many customers have been taking full advantage of this admission ticket in- and have been enjoying a walkabout while here at  the farm for local pick up, and some have even taken the time to pack a picnic basket in advance to enjoy here in the gardens during their scheduled pick up time before heading out to the beach .  If this sounds fun to you, too- in the "Notes to the tea fairy" section of online checkout, you can let us know when you'd like to come, and we will write back to confirm your appointment time.  We'll have your order all ready for you outside the tea shop door.

Thank you for taking a moment to nurture yourself today. 
Life is good.
And where there's tea, there's hope.
With love,
Angela & family

P.S Here's a link to Blueberry Blessings if you're interested in purchasing some!
SHOP Blueberry Blessings


Northern Harvest 20