June 2020

Michigan-grown Tea.  The real deal.
Plucked by hand, with love. 
Certified Organic & Biodynamic.  
The best.

Freshly harvested tea leaves (above), and tea pod and tea seed shown below.

Trays and trays of super premium first flush Spring Tea  is drying NOW! 
Multiple batches will be plucked and processed in the next couple of months of our growing season into the base leaves for the following offerings: All White, Floral Silver Needles, Traditional Jasmine, Floral Jade Oolong, Black Oolong, Just Plain Green, Cherry Mint, Enlightened White, Simply Sencha, Peaceful Peninsulas, Happy Spleen Green, Red Raspberry Green, Golden Tip Tea, Spring Oolong, White Oolong  & more!  
Tea seeds still sprouting in germination bin..hundreds of new plants to fill up another hoop house!
Lilac Tea! Did you know that our "Floral" Teas are naturally perfumed by layering them in fresh Lilac blossoms? Heavenly.

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If you live closeby, or plan to be visiting the area, you can choose the new "local pick up" option and come pick up your order by appointment.