June 2017- "All Heart" Feature

Summer, Summer, Summertime!!

June is SUCH a wonderful time at the tea farm and we are filled with joy!
Seasonal hours are rockin', flowers and herbs are poppin', the tea is flowin', and our events calendar is packed! We have so much to share with you, our tea family!

This issue includes:
~Monthly Tea Feature
~Tea of the Month Staff Recipe
~Tea Farm events lineup
~What's in Bloom?

June Featured Tea of the Month:

***All Heart!***
(...a green tea offering)

As Northern Michigan farmers gear up for Cherry season and the intoxicating aroma of freshly unfolded rose petals sends us swooning, we pay homage to a tea that features local, organic Montmorency Cherries, roses, and rose petals from our tea farm.

100% Certified Organic Ingredients: Green Tea, Pink Rosebuds and petals, Montmorency Cherry

Blender’s Notes: This is a highly aromatic scented green tea, scented (naturally perfumed) with the fragrance of pink Roses and Cherries grown right here on our Leelanau County certified Demeter Biodynamic farmland. Eyes open wide and smiles are abundant in our tea shop as customers open this tin for the first time to take a sniff at the “Smell Bar”. This tea is reminiscent of a bouquet of fresh garden roses. with the mild tartness of Traverse City’s famous National Cherry Festival-favorite, the Montmorency Cherry. This offering has a Sencha-style steamed delicate Organic Green Tea leaf as its base. The finish steeped tea liquor is a yellowish-green color in your cup. Multiple (3 minute) steepings offer an abundance of continued enjoyment throughout the day.

This offering is a at the center of our Chakra Tea Collection, specifically to address the unique properties of the Heart Chakra. One sniff and one sip of this pale green liquor and it is our desire that your heart will feel more at peace, and more in alignment for LOVE. It’s what we’re all here for.
Please open your heart and positively radiate love.

Love is in the air in Northern Michigan, and wedding season is upon us!
All Heart makes the perfect wedding gift for newlyweds embarking on their journey of connection and compassion.
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All Heart is also the center of our Chakra set! Want to explore your Chakras?

Try our sampler set with all 7 of our signature Chakra Teas and Tisanes (Red Raspberry Green, Happy Spleen Green, Lemony Ginger Sunshine, All Heart, Cherry Mint, Leelanau Licorice, and Enlightened White).

This set includes a durable stainless steel tea infuser ball and is the PERFECT and unique gift for students of Yoga or Healing Touch; complete with Chakra literature.
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Featured Tea of the Month:
Staff Recipes!

"All Heart Nourishing Rice Dish"
-1 cup rice of choice
-2 cups vegetable stock
-Leftover steeping from All Heart tea

*Cook rice using vegetable stock for liquid, then add All Heart steeping
*If desired, add protein of choice
*(to add flavor to light, flaky fish, fish could be steamed in steam basket with All Heart tea)

"All Heart Gluten-Free Tea Cookies"
-1 cup GF flour (we like Bob's Red Mill Gluten-Free)
-1/4 cup Xanthum Gum (if using GF flour)
-1/4 cup sugar
-1/4 cup powdered sugar
-1 TBSP Light of Day Organics All Heart tea (leaves and cherries)
-Zest of one lemon
-1tsp vanilla
-1tsp strongly brewed All Heart tea
-1/2 cup unsalted butter
-wax or parchment paper
-plastic wrap

*Preheat oven 375
*In food processor, add all dry ingredients until tea leaves are finely ground
*Add vanilla, brewed tea, butter, and continue processing until dough is formed, stopping a few times to scrape down sides
*On wax or parchment, dump out dough and roll into a log
*Wrap in plastic wrap and chill for 30 minutes (or freeze for 30 minutes)
*Slice into 1/3 inch thick rounds (may break apart, just smoosh back together with hands) :)
*Place on baking sheet with parchment paper and cook approximately 12 minutes, or until edges are just browned
*Let cool on sheet for five minutes before transferring to wire rack
*Enjoy! <3

Both recipes lovingly contributed by staff educator, Tami!

Upcoming Events at Light of Day Organics Tea Farm

We have several classes that are held at the farm, right in our on-site classroom yurt! We are excited to offer meditation classes, tea wellness classes, and an essential oils series!

Click here to read more in-depth class descriptions and register online for any of the following classes:

June Offerings:
-June 17th, 9:30-11am: Introduction to Meditation with Rodasi Campbell
-June 17th, 2-4pm: Tea Wellness Class with Light of Day founder, Angela Macke
-June 19th, 2-4pm: Essential Oils for Respiratory Support
-June 24th, 2-4pm: Essential Oils for Pain/Headache Support

July Offerings:
-July 1st, 2-4pm: Tea Wellness Class with Light of Day founder, Angela Macke
-July 15th, 10-12pm: Essential Oils for Household Cleaning Class
-July 15th, 2-4pm: Essential Oils for Menopause Support
-July 22nd, 2-4pm: Tea Wellness Class with Light of Day founder, Angela Macke

August Offerings:
-August 5th, 2-4pm: Tea Wellness Class with Light of Day founder, Angela Macke
-August 12th, 2-4pm: Essential Oils for Emotional Wellness and Support
-August 19th, 2-4pm: Tea Wellness Class with Light of Day founder, Angela Macke
-August 28th, 2-4pm: Essential Oils for Cold & Flu Support

September Offerings:
-September 9th, 2-4pm: Tea Wellness Class with Light of Day founder, Angela Macke
-September 23rd, 2-4pm: Tea Wellness Class with Light of Day founder, Angela Macke

Our class offerings are a wonderful way to gather friends & family and spend a day together at the farm, reconnecting, replenishing, and sharing!
Register online by clicking here :)

What's in Bloom?
Each month, you'll see a few posts on our social media sites, featuring our blooms from around the farm. Our featured bloom for June is our German Chamomile! It's bright, cheery, wispy disposition brightens anyone's day, and with a hint of sweet apple wafting through the air, it's a popular bloom on our farm! We use it in a number of teas, from our Madagascar Vanilla Rooibos and Relaxation Blend tisanes, to our beautiful Be Still white tea. Chamomile is known for its calming properties, as well as a digestion and sleep supporter.

Below, we've included pictures of our German chamomile, as well as our eye-popping poppies, peonies, and more! Enjoy the photos, or even better, come see these beauts for yourself and visit our farm today! Monday-Saturday 10-5pm. 

Be sure to find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to view upcoming bloom features, tea information, and farm updates! We hope to see you at the farm soon!
~Light of Day Tea Family