July 2017 "Leelanau Licorice" Feature

Fireflies, friends, and fun at the Farm! 

July marks our halfway point, where the retail tea shop has been in full-swing since May 1st, and returns to winter hours October 31st. As the online and wholesale accounts flourish year-round, our sweet tea tasting room and retail shop is in full-swing seasonally (six days a week for six months of the year; we then return to winter hours of two days weekly, but are open year-round).

As such, we are grateful for each day we are able to personally connect with customers old and new, visit with customers-turned friends who have been sipping tea with us since our 2003 beginnings, and use the farm's many gifts to enjoy all that encompasses a Northern Michigan summer. The gazebo holds so many relaxing memories of teas sipped over stories told, and our bonfire pit has hosted many a roaring fire and crowd. Our classroom yurt hosts so many wonderful learning and healing moments, and our gardens thrive from their intentional organic, Demeter Biodynamic preparations.

We are grateful for our new additions, including our newfound "teavangelists" who sing our teas' praises for all to hear, our new meditation and essential oil class offerings, and our new enthusiastic staff members. We look forward to meeting even more clients who visit our farm from near and far, and, with pride and passion, continue to offer the highest quality products in one of the top-rated destinations in the Traverse-City area. We hope you'll visit us soon to sip tea, sample matcha, wander, relax, and enjoy all that a Northern Michigan July has to offer. 

Our July issue includes:
~Tea of the Month Feature
~Tea of the Month Staff Recipe
~Tea Farm events lineup
~What's in Bloom?



July Featured Tea of the Month:

*Leelanau Licorice*
(...an herbal tea offering)

"All systems GO!" could easily be the slogan for a Northern Michigan summer. In between kayaking, boating, gardening, farming, brewing, vinting, SUPing, biking, and hiking, Michiganders are enjoying the festival life, hosting out-of-town friends and family, and making memories over bonfires at the beach. Why not take a moment to relax and sip a tea that can support those worn-out adrenals from a constant on-the-go lifestyle, the occasional post-BBQ indigestion, and a tired throat from hours of laughing and storytelling?!?

100% Certified Organic Ingredients: Licorice Root, Peppermint Leaves

Blender’s Notes: Soothing and sweet. Minty. Just outstanding! This is the tea we build this company on…sampling it every weekend at local farmer’s markets. This blender’s first choice when I have a sore throat or upset tummy. Naturally caffeine-free.

Remember when ordering loose teas, that there are approximately 200 servings per pound (or that 1 oz. of loose leaf tea or tisane makes 15-25 servings).

What our clients say about Leelanau Licorice:

 (5 out of 5 stars): This is a wonderful soothing tea. I am not the biggest fan of licorice, but I love this tea. It is so soothing to my throat and has the most wonderful calming effect. I keep some in my desk at work at all times!

5 out of 5 stars): This was one of the teas out for patrons to sample in the store when I last visited. I am NOT a fan of licorice, so almost passed it by. The staff convinced me that it didn’t taste like licorice, but had the soothing effect on the throat that is a characteristic of licorice root. It tasted delightful, and is used by my whole family to soothe a sore throat!

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Leelanau Licorice is also an important member of our Chakra set! 
Want to explore your Chakras?

Try our sampler set with all 7 of our signature Chakra Teas and Tisanes (Red Raspberry Green, Happy Spleen Green, Lemony Ginger Sunshine, All Heart, Cherry Mint, Leelanau Licorice, and Enlightened White).

This set includes a durable stainless steel tea infuser ball and is the PERFECT and unique gift for students of Yoga or Healing Touch; complete with Chakra literature.
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Featured Tea of the Month: Staff Recipe!

Leelanau Licorice Chia Pudding
(can be enjoyed as a nutritious vegan breakfast, dessert, or snack)

The essence of naturally sweet licorice root and subtle peppermint notes float through this versatile pudding. Pair with fruit topping of choice, a dallop of creamy goodness, and a sprinkle of nuts for a healthy, fresh treat!

Pudding recipe:
  • 3Tbsp chia seeds
  • 1 cup liquid (this recipe uses strongly steeped Leelanau Licorice tea)
  • 1 tsp up to 1Tbsp raw honey or maple syrup (either is delicious)
  • Combine ingredients, stir/whisk briskly to combine, stirring every few minutes over the course of 10-15 minutes
  • Refrigerate for a few hours or overnight 
Topping options
(play on the natural notes of the tea; the natural sweetness of the licorice root, the freshness of the peppermint leaf!):
  • Cream topping (whipped coconut cream shown): Could use soy or coconut yogurt.
  • Fruit topping (peach jam shown): Could use any jams/preserves, or fresh cherries, saskatoons, or any berry combination.
  • Nuts of choice (toasted pepitas shown): Lightly toast pepitas in a small fry pan on lowest-heat with a small bit of vegan butter/coconut oil (if they start to pop, your heat is too high! pull off heat and let cool), add seasonings of choice (cinnamon, sugar, and nutmeg shown), stir with rubber spatula to combine. Turn off heat, cool on paper towel. Could also use sliced almonds, sunfllower seeds, pine nuts, etc.
Combine pudding and cream/fruit topping in one dish (mason jar shown), re-refrigerate to bring the dish together. Add seasoned nuts upon serving.
Serving sizes depend on purpose: if snack, divide into 6 small batches, if breakfast, this could make approximately two larger servings. 

Recipe lovingly contributed by LOD staff member, Kristen!

Light of Day Organics Farm & Tea Shop
Upcoming Events

We have several classes that are held at the farm, right in our on-site classroom yurt! We are excited to offer tea wellness classes every other Saturday, and an essential oils series!

Click here to read more in-depth class descriptions and register online for any of the following classes:

July Offerings:
-July 22nd, 2-4pm: CHAKRA TEAS-Tea Wellness Class with Light of Day founder, Angela Macke

August Offerings:
-August 5th, 2-4pm: WHITE TEAS Tea Wellness Class with Light of Day founder, Angela Macke
-August 12th, 2-4pm: Education on Essential Oils for Emotional Wellness and Support- Christine Stalsonburg
-August 19th, 2-4pm: GREEN TEAS Tea Wellness Class with Light of Day founder, Angela Macke
-August 28th, 2-4pm: Education on Essential Oils for Cold & Flu Support-Christine Stalsonburg

September Offerings:
-September 9th, 2-4pm: OOLONG TEAS Tea Wellness Class with Light of Day founder, Angela Macke
-September 23rd, 2-4pm: BLACK TEAS Tea Wellness Class with Light of Day founder, Angela Macke

October Offerings:
-October 7th, 2-4pm: PU-ERH TEAS Tea Wellness Class with Light of Day founder, Angela Macke
-October 21st, 2-4pm: BIODYNAMICS  Class with Light of Day founder, Angela Macke

Our class offerings are a wonderful way to gather friends & family and spend a day together at the farm, reconnecting, replenishing, and sharing!
Register online today by clicking here!


What's in Bloom?
Each month, you'll see a few posts on our social media sites, featuring our blooms from around the farm. Our featured bloom for July is the beautiful Calendula! This herb is used for a number of things, including cosmetic and culinary uses, a fiber dye plant, and for its healing proprieties. It is a soothing antiseptic and an excellent skin healer, as well as a digestive aid. We like how it gives a "creamy" effect on the palette. Calendula, or pot marigold, is a natural insect deterrent (and sometimes even deer!), and its bright, layered petals create a calm, airy feel in any garden. At Light of Day, it is included in many of our top-selling teas, including our award-winning Creamy Earl Grey, and our May "Tea of the Month", Tulsi Citrus Soother! 

Below, we've included pictures of our Calendula, as well as other blooming beauts, including Valerian, Veronica, Red Hot Pokers, and more! We even captured our Clover-covered Cabbage Patch, and found a helper during the parsley harvest...
Enjoy the photos, or even better, come see these beauts for yourself and visit our farm today! Monday-Saturday 10-5pm. 

Be sure to find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to view upcoming bloom features, tea information, and farm updates! We hope to see you at the farm soon!
~Light of Day Tea Family

Light of Day Mission Statement: "To grow and produce the healthiest and highest quality teas and tisanes which nurture and balance hearts, minds, and bodies through the practice of Biodynamic agriculture.At our core is the absolute reverence for, and wonder of, all Creation. Light of Day Organics is dedicated to enlivening, renewing, and revitalizing the Earth by respecting its natural resources, cycles, and life-carrying rhythms.”