Bun in the Oven (100% Grown Here)


 Ingredients:Organic Raspberry leaf, Organic Nettle leaf, Organic Lemon Balm, Organic Spearmint, Organic Peppermint, Organic Alfalfa, Organic Partridgeberry

Blender's Notes: 100% Michigan Grown! This is one of the very first products I ever blended, back in 1999 when I first learned that we were expecting our first child. I was looking for something tasty to help settle my tummy while nourishing our first little "Bun in the Oven" who grew to a whopping 8 pounds 14 ounces before birth, and second-born was 8 pounds, 1 oz. ! Mildly- minty in taste, refreshing, nourishing- and one I used daily while pregnant and nursing. Naturally caffeine-free.


Nettle leaf - Stinging nettle offers a variety of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids, polyphenols and pigments — many of which also act as antioxidants inside your body.

Raspberry leaf – Raspberry leaf provide B vitamins, vitamin C and a number of minerals, including potassiummagnesium, zinc, phosphorus and iron.

PartridgeberryContemporary uses in female reproductive disorders also include tonic treatment for infertility and menstrual cramps. Some other uses of partridgeberry involve its use in urinary tract disorders; it can give ease in urinary tract infections, interstitial cystitis, and BPH as a diuretic and astringent

Spearmint – The most important health benefits of Spearmint include its ability to improve digestion, prevent and treat acne, boost respiratory health, optimize hormonal levels, relieve stress, increase circulation, maximize heart health, and protect and strengthen the immune system. High in Zinc.

Peppermint:Peppermint has antibacterial properties against microscopic organisms, supports healthy digestion and has an uplifting aroma 

Lemon Balm – This mood-elevating herbal allay contains flavonoids and phenolic acids that can help fight viruses.

Alfalfa- has been shown to help lower cholesterol, and may also have benefits for blood sugar control and relieving symptoms of menopause.

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