2024 Tea Classes & Farm Tours

Do you long to see live Tea plants, but thought you'd have to travel abroad? Your dream can come true here at our Tea Farm in Traverse City, Michigan!


Come explore one of the most unique Certified USDA Organic and Demeter Certified Biodynamic® farms in North America! 

Class size is limited intentionally to keep intimate, so they do fill up quickly. Be sure to sign up well in advance.    Offered May-September.


TO REGISTER:  https://lightofdayorganics.com/collections/classes-and-events


 About your Tea Guide, Angela Macke, R.N, B.S, MG-A

West Michigan native and Traverse area local since 1996, Angela Macke has over 30 years of experience as a holistic Registered Nurse and Horticulturalist. In 2003, she established Light of Day Organics, a popular award-winning small-batch Certified USDA Organic and Certified Demeter Biodynamic 58 acre Tea farm in Leelanau County. Angela is one of a handful of licensed practitioners specializing in both homeopathic health and regenerative Biodynamic agricultural practices. These intensive efforts enhance soil vitality, botanical quality, and enrich the interconnected life of which each of us is an essential part. She passionately teaches about preventing chronic diseases by purposefully decreasing inflammation in the body, as well as optimizing vitality by consuming nutrient-dense food and beverages  grown in living soil.

With the benefit of her own life experience from disease to wellness, she shares a wealth of information on the practical implementation of sound holistic agricultural and lifestyle principles. Angela is a licensed RN and holds certifications as a Specialty Tea Institute Graduate, Advanced Master Gardener and Mentor, and Healing Touch Program practitioner. Professional Memberships include The American Holistic Nurses Association, U.S Tea Association, Biodynamic Association, Michigan Nursery, and Landscape Association, United Plant Savers, Michigan State Medical Society Alliance, Traverse City and Leelanau County Chambers of Commerce, Michigan Food and Farming Alliance, and The Michigan Agri-tourism Association. She is a dynamic speaker with a thorough understanding of alternative and conventional therapies. Angela is committed to igniting inspiration and hope in our individual and collective abilities to improve upon and maintain whole-body health, reach our full potential and be of optimal service to others and the Earth on which we live.




“First off, Angela is the most sweet and enlightened soul. I’ve never left somewhere feeling so relaxed. She is such a sweet and kind person. Being in the tasting room and listening to her talk was so peaceful and beautiful. Another person I could listen to talk all day. Tasting all the teas the proper way as she talked about them, really opened up all my senses.”
“This was another unique and wonderful experience that we had with Angela from Light of Day Organics.”
“Angela from Light of Day delivered her lesson with passion and knowledge. I fell in love with their farming practices and would love to learn more about Biodynamic Farming. The tea was wonderful and I was excited to learn that there is no wrong way to brew or drink tea. I found the entire training peaceful and calm.”
“I really enjoyed our visit to LOD.  Angela's passion for her business and tea in general was refreshing and contagious.  Her suggestions on how to extend tea use beyond a straight beverage was inspiring and got the creative wheels moving in my head.”
“This was an exceptionally impactful experience for many reasons, namely due to the fact that I have been attempting to cut back my caffeine consumption for quite some time, but have never been successful due to having no suitable alternative. The amount of dedication and care that goes into the product Angela grows and processes on this farm really shows in all aspects of the finished product, and I hope to revisit the farm very soon to show more people just how remarkable tea really can be.”
“Chef I have to say thank you so much for getting us the opportunity to have the tasting and tour at Light of Day, it was one of the coolest things I’ve done. I really enjoyed listening to everything Angela had to say and how tea has a big impact health wish for us. Angela has inspired me to give drinking tea a try for all the awesome health benefits I could get.”
“ Light of Day is really an amazing place in North America and Traverse City is blessed to have such a wonderful and environmentally safe business.  This is a business that I will be certainly looking up to.”
“I have been patiently waiting two years for this specific tea training. When I found out back then that the Restaurant class got to visit and train with her, I knew that it was going to be an amazing experience. Angela opened my eyes to the amount of work that should be going into the foods that we serve.”
“I was so pumped when I heard we were going to learn about tea at an actual tea farm, it was definitely a highlight of my time here at GLCI. I was shocked to hear that Angela’s tea farm is the only Organic certified and Demeter tea farm in all of North America. She really creates a quality product, each one was more flavorful and aromatic than any tea bag I would purchase at the grocery store.”
“Visiting Light of Day Organics was by far the most eye opening tour I have ever experienced. Angela was such an amazing, inspiring women, owner, mother, nurse, human and I aspire to be more like her. It was such a calming experience.”
" I had the pleasure of attending your instructional tea class for the GLCI this afternoon. Let me just start by saying I am incredibly grateful to have been able to tour your farm today, and thank you so very much for all of your hospitality. It was an experience that has stuck in my mind as one of the most uplifting things to have happened in my life this year, and my loved ones cannot wait to visit the grounds as the flames have been sufficiently fanned by stories of this ethereal place."