Twig Tea (100% Grown Here)


Ingredients:Organic Roasted Tea Twigs

Grown here!! Roasted Premium Organic Kukicha  (toasted twig, stem and mature leaves). Very special manufacture...full of history.

Blender's Notes: Toasty aroma. Roasty-toasty- rich and deeply delicious, satisfying taste. Soothing, satisfying tea of wok- roasted then aged tea twigs and mature leaves. Typically aged 2 to 3 years after roasting. Kukicha-style teas like our Twig Tea was actively promoted by George Ohsawa in the 60's as the "everyday tea", to be consumed with every meal. Popular as a children's beverage when prepared 50% twig tea and 50% apple juice. Naturally lightly caffeinated- soothing and refreshing, yet not stimulating.


Roasted Tea Twigs - Because twig tea is comprised of the stems and young twigs, it is rich in both vitamins and minerals that feed the growth parts of the plant. The minerals found in kukicha include copper, selenium, manganese, calcium, zinc and fluoride. Kukicha contains vitamins A and C and the B-complex vitamins, which are all potent antioxidants. Twig tea contains more calcium than cow's milk, according to Julie Ong, author of "The Everything Guide to Macrobiotics."

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Dr Steven Stokes
yours is the very best I have encountered

I am somewhat of a twig tea snob... and yours is the very best I have encountered.Also, your Golden Tip and Simply Sencha are wonderful. I am looking forward to trying the Black Oolong that I just ordered.

Just passing some positive praise your way, with such negative energy taking a foothold, tea, specifically YOUR tea, has brought happiness to my home.

Dr. Stephen Stokes B.Sc, DC, FIAMA

Uplifting Kukicha without caffeine

Kukicha is a wonderfully aromatic and earthy tasting tea. There really is no other drink like it. And barely any caffeine.