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Light of Day Organic’s story


Light of Day Organic’s certified Organic (MOSA) & Biodynamic (Demeter) farms are located in Leelanau County. They have been growing and producing small batches of loose leaf tea since 2003.

The company was founded by Angela Macke, a Registered Nurse and Horticulturalist who believes that a gentle, holistic approach is the most effective way to restore optimal health. Supporting her customers in creating healthy lifestyle habits that support vitality, passion for life and the prevention of illness is Angela’s intention as she continues her work today. 

Camellia Sinensis

Light of Day’s products are certified Organic and Demeter® Biodynamicand the company is uniquely positioned as North America’s only certified Demeter® Biodynamic Tea farm (a standard that exceeds those of the National Organic Program). All ingredients are hand-harvested, low-temperature dried, then hand-packaged with great care.

Taste wasn’t the only consideration with the inception of Light of Day.  Ensuring the highest quality of tea for their customers and quality of life for all those who play a role in the production of the product is part of their mission, with all involved being honored for their contribution in bringing this extremely labor-intensive crop from the fields to our cups. Employees and partner farmers are paid a proper living wage and time off is encouraged, to celebrate the spiritual sacredness of the family unit and community, and to recharge and to PLAY  in this beautiful area that we are blessed to call “home”.

For the team at Light of Day, tea is much more than an iced beverage to soothe your thirst in the Summertime, or to comfort your sore throat in the Wintertime…it is a representation of the conscious choice and intention to live simply, and to live each day with a wonder and reverence for every created thing. 

It is Light of Day’s sincere intention that all beings enjoy balance; with superb health, inner peace,  joyfulness, and commit to a path that will benefit the greater good with all that you do. We hope that you will discover, and hopefully learn to cherish, the ancient and life-giving ritual of having a “spot of tea.”

Enjoy their 2 minute welcome video:

Professional Affiliations: Specialty Tea InstituteBiodynamic AssociationTraverse City Area Chamber of Commerce, Leelanau County Chamber of Commerce, Holistic Nurses Association, US League of Tea Growers, US Tea Association, Michigan Tourism Association, Michigan Organic Farmers Association 

Website: http://lightofdayorganics.com/ 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lightofdayorganics/ 
Twitter: http://twitter.com/lightofdayteas

Angela Macke is the Owner of Light of Day Organics.