Prayer Flags

Ever wonder what those flags are all about?

A recent Facebook post from Angela while she was tucking in the farm one night: 

"Tonight I took down a few of our old and totally worn-out prayer flags that were hanging along our fence-line, and straightened up the others. I received a few friendly honks from cars on M-72, and it made me people passing by know what these flags are all about, and why does Light of Day have these up? 

Since we opened our farm and store to the public back in 2009, I've been faithfully hanging them up for traditional and personal reasons. I hang fresh, bright ones each Spring as a cheerful, colorful gesture intended to lift our spirits, spread good will, to promote peace, reverence for life, compassion, gentleness, service to others, strength, and the wisdom to make the best choices for the good of all. I send up my ripe prayers to the heavens asking for peace on Earth, and thank God for the opportunity to tend to this land, and to use my gifts to help others to my greatest capacity.
The flags dance in the wind with just the very slightest breeze, and make me smile every time I see them...because I imagine my answered prayers being carried on the wind...                                              

spreading joy & blessings to all beings.

P.S A common misconception is that prayer flags carry prayers to gods. The Tibetans believe that blessings will be blown by the wind to spread good will, purification and and compassion into all pervading space and to all beings.                                                                                                                                Prayer flags are thought to bring benefit to all."