October 2017- "Blueberry Blessings" feature

Hey, everyone! Fall is here! 

Life in Northern Michigan is a lot of things, all at once. It's the ever-changing seasons that invite us to stay present in the current day, it's sunshine and rain, and sometimes even summer and snow, all in the same week! A Northern Michigan way of life constantly challenges us to enjoy what we have right here and now, because you never know when the first snowflake will fly, or when the last apple will drop. Last weekend, we were gifted a beautiful Fall weekend, with temperatures in the 70's! Local apple orchards were packed, donuts were devoured, fall colors were ogled, and memories were made over pumpkin carving. It felt like summer in the fall, and we were enjoying every last drop!

We all have our favorite thing about life in Northern Michigan. Some say our freshwater Summers are unbeatable, some come for the crisp Fall show. Some enjoy the first buds of the Spring cherry blossoms, and some enjoy a gorgeous, sparkling coat of fresh snow! No matter the Michigander, one thing is for sure-our seasons can't be beat. Here at Light of Day, we are in constant awe of Mama Nature. Her seasons lay the groundwork for bountiful harvests which provide fresh fruits & herbs, and her ability to affect a crop, just with the slightest change in mood, leaves one awestruck and humble. We hold pride and reverence for our region and are grateful for this 2017 season. It has been a beautiful bounty, and we are so happy for the opportunity to share it with you, our loving and coolest of all conscientious customers around. As we wind down our 2017 peak season hours, we hold our hands over our hearts in gratitude for your love and support. We revel in the chance to walk with you through our gardens, chat with you on the patio, or sip tea with you in the gazebo. Thank you for making our season so special. We truly enjoy being of service to you, and we are thankful for your support of our mission. 

Our October issue includes:
~Tea of the Month Feature
~Special Light of Day Organics feature video
~What's in Bloom?


Featured Tea of the Month:

*Blueberry Blessings*
(...an herbal tea offering)

This tisane is near and dear to our founders' heart! Inspired by growing up on her dad's blueberry farm, this herbal tea was blended with loving care. When complete, the perfect name was gifted by Angela's mother, who, without hesitation, gave the blend its' peaceful name. 

100% Certified Organic Ingredients: Red rooibos, blueberries, cornflower, vanilla bean extract

Blender’s Notes: This tisane was originally blended as a Father’s Day gift for Angela’s Blueberry-farming Dad, Bob. Creamy and fresh. Rooibos base. Tastes like a fresh blueberry scone. Naturally Caffeine-free.

*Remember when ordering loose teas, that there are approximately 200 servings per pound (or that 1 oz. of loose leaf tea or tisane makes 15-25 servings)*

*Click here to order Blueberry Blessings today!

Special Release: Light of Day Organics to be

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Click here to watch a short video
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American Airlines flight in October and November 2017!
Be on the lookout! 


What's in Bloom?

Each month, you'll see a few posts on our social media sites, featuring our blooms from around the farm!
Welcome to our October "What's in Bloom" feature!
Our featured Fall blooms are whimsical and bright!

Calendula is one of our most favorite ingredients, creating the silky smooth texture in several of our teas. Lemon balm came back in full force and gave us another harvest! The ethereal Japanese anemone flow in the wind, reminding us of breezy summer days! Our verbena is hanging in there, waiting for any last pollinator stragglers looking for a last pollen run. Our Echinacea was still blooming last week! It's bright purple cones bringing a pop of color to the end of our bloom season. 

Enjoy the photos, or even better, come see these beauts for yourself and visit our farm today! Monday-Saturday 10-5pm (thru October 31st; then Fridays & Saturdays 10-5pm)

Be sure to find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to view upcoming bloom features, tea information, and farm updates!

It's been a wonderful year at the farm, and we hope to see you during our off-season hours (Friday & Saturdays 10-5pm!

~Light of Day Tea Family

Light of Day Mission Statement: "To grow and produce the healthiest and highest quality teas and tisanes which nurture and balance hearts, minds, and bodies through the practice of Biodynamic agriculture.At our core is the absolute reverence for, and wonder of, all Creation. Light of Day Organics is dedicated to enlivening, renewing, and revitalizing the Earth by respecting its natural resources, cycles, and life-carrying rhythms.”