November Newsletter 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!



Perfect for warming hands and hearts! This incredible chocolatey blend will delight your taste buds with its smooth sweetness and minty notes.  Mitten-Time Mint offers a full sensory experience with delicious aromas and warm red liquor.  The pairing of the Red Rooibos and Peppermint leaf is a satisfying gluten-free dessert suggestion after your Thanksgiving feast, while also promoting peace and relaxation...helping you to stay centered as we enter this sacred holiday season together.
Blender's Notes
"This product was blended to taste like our favorite cookie of all time...the Girl Scout Thin Mint ...and we think we nailed it!  A popular dessert tea, this one is just heavenly". Naturally caffeine-free.

Enjoy a complimentary cup of our featured Tea when you visit our farm and Retail Tea Shop on Fridays and Saturdays all Winter!