Is that a yurt?

Vince and I purchased and assembled a beautiful round structure called a yurt this past summer- in an effort to provide a safe and fun place for our children (and their many cousins and friends) to play while Mom and Dad are still working at the farm. We've all been enjoying this sacred space very much, as it's such a cool place to invite our guests over for book, herb or Bible studies, family gatherings, homework, yoga stretching, quiet meditation, or quick "Jedi naps" as a break from a busy work day. The wood floor we built is made of the Red Pine we harvested from our property, so we are careful to always remove our shoes before entering. We drink our tea around a low table on the floor. The round-ness of the structure encourages the natural gathering of the inhabitants in a circle, and it seems to us that the quality of the conversation increases as people get lower to the ground. It has a clear dome on the top, so the natural light is abundant. With the screened windows and door, ventilation was excellent. The lattice support work is stunning and with our wood floor, it is very warm and inviting. We really love our yurt, and eagerly await the creating of so many more happy memories in this special space. Never expected such a curiosity from the community; "What is that round building out there?" is a very common question by just about everyone we encounter. We chose a window door for the second agricultural yurt near our tea shop, so you are welcomed to come take a peek in during our  visiting hours. Shaded and ventilated, this is an ideal and acceptable space to stage a phase of our botanical drying process during the growing season. Check out where we purchased our yurt kit from. Great company and great people. Our favorite book on yurts is by Becky Kemery, entitled "Yurts-Living in the Round". Angela