Farm News - Spring 2020

Farm News- Spring 2020

First, happy 2nd birthday "Casual Sunlight", a fun & collaborative project with the fine folks at Mawby, a winery just a few miles North of us here in Leelanau County. This refreshing, tea-infused wine bubbly has been canned in cool 4 packs and is now ready for your enJOYment!  Pick yours up today for extra fun during your Spring clean up work, for that first boat ride or round of golf this season!  It's made with Mawby's famous sparkling dry white wine and a mixture of our organic:   In the Mood?, Lemony-Ginger Sunshine, and Sun in the Winter products.  Happy to report that we just "field tested" it during a family dinner tonight and all of us loved it! DELICIOUS! 

  • Second bit of news is that we're about halfway complete on the construction of another hoop house for more tea plants.
  • Next announcement is that we are preparing our land to welcome some new livestock additions this season to help support farm fertility with on-farm manure source, a requirement of certified Demeter Biodynamic farms. We love cows! Pictured below is the rugged Scottish Longhorn, my dream cow, and below that is a picture from my sister in-laws in Cincinnati of their brand new, beautiful calf born just a few weeks ago. If anyone knows of friendly farm animals in the area in need of adoption to live out their lives happily in safe, organic pasture, please let us know.


  • Plant on! As the resurgence in agriculture is growing, so many have shared that they feel the need to personally participate directly in the production of their own imagine, design, and plant the very gardens to help bring order, joy, purpose, connection to the natural world, and of course the promise of nutritious food and delightful flowers to their lives. Dive in! Watch those You-tube videos on gardening and have some fun with that!  Consider picking up a 2020 Thun or Stella Natura Biodynamic/ Lunar calendar to help you connect each day with naturally occurring cycles and rhythms. The calendar guides you as to when to plant and when to harvest to optimize your yields and fertility.

  • Thank you! We are grateful to continue to share our gardens with you each time you open a tin of tea and see a bright flower petal,  fruit, herbs, tea leaves, then make that cup of tea, see the tea liquor, inhale the aroma, and sip in Light of Day farm itself...imagine yourself here. We do very much miss seeing you and connecting with you in person. We hope to be able to welcome you back for some special events by late Summer
  • And finally, to close...Happy upcoming Mother's Day to all the Mothers out there!  Mother's Day is on May 10th- so it's not too late to get online and that tea order for all the favorite Moms in your life. We'll ship out the very next day via Priority Mail.  After she receives it, schedule a phone date to catch up with her over a delicious, nourishing pot of tea!  Moms LOVE quality time.  SHOP FOR MOTHER'S DAY TEAS NOW.

Be well everyone!
Sending our love and all our very best,
Angela & family