2021 Memorial Day Weekend Update



Need Tea?
Here's our plan to help you get it this season!

Light of Day ORGANICS

is proud to be the only both Certified USDA Organic and Certified Demeter Biodynamic® tea farm in North America for the past 18 years. We take this important distinction very seriously and we wanted to share with you how this affects everything we are committed to doing as we grow, process, blend, package and educate about the world’s most personally focused, delicious, legendary, award- winning teas. Each product offering is unique in character; each one custom formulated by the company's founder, Angela Macke, to offer the unique tastes and healthy attributes our customers have come to expect of our Certified Organic teas grown using effective and responsible regenerative agricultural practices.

The choices you make about what you choose to put into your body each day not only affects you, it affects everyone around you and it affects the planet we all live on, together. We believe in the wellness benefits that can come from our Certified Organic teas...each custom-crafted to fully leverage every ingredient's full potential. In order for you to get everything possible from each Light of Day tea product that you purchase, we want to walk you through some key decisions that we've made to keep us well positioned so that we can both run the farm most effectively and at the same time continue to provide you with incredible opportunities to learn about the wonderful world of tea by experiencing the farm firsthand!

Step one is focused on providing each of you with  opportunities to learn the most you can about the wellness choices you can make each day.  We have listened to your requests and Light of Day will be resuming our scheduled holistic educational experiences while also adding more options for private sessions that allow for an even more personal and robust interaction focused completely on your individual or private group's/ family's wellness needs. These options are critical to helping the most people we possibly can in ways that work well for them.

Step two is creating a way for customers to stop by the farm to pick up online orders. We appreciated the feedback you provided us and developed an automated system where you can come during a specific timeframe a day each week; Wednesdays, from 12-4 for "Locals' Pick Up".  Our intention behind the process is  to make it as easy as possible for you (and for the staff at the farm) during this very active time in our growing season. Together, we will continue to innovate, and are committed to getting you your teas as enjoyably and efficiently as possible.

By working together to incorporate these new steps, we believe that we will be able to keep offering you the very best, most delicious teas available in the most sustainable, operationally efficient way during our busy growing season. This new plan includes some necessary changes to the ways our guests are invited to engage with our farm. Guided farm tours of this sacred space are an integral part of all of our scheduled classes and in the private consultation sessions as needed. In adherence with compliance regulations related to our USDA certification, we can no longer allow unescorted trips throughout the farm. We appreciate your understanding and truly look forward to taking you around on a scheduled guided tour during a Friday "Taste and Tour" or during your own private event this season that will be focused on what you are interested in learning about.
See you soon, tea friends. Have a fun & safe weekend!

P.S Thank you for your online orders; we really appreciate them.