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Jasmine Jade Oolong-LTD- $46

Jasmine Jade Oolong-LTD- $46
Jasmine Jade Oolong-LTD- $46
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Meticulously twisted (Ti Kwan Yin-style) and Superior Quality Jade Oolong Tea leaves are the base, then we impart a light floral scent right on these beauties right here in our kitchen by using fresh Lilac, Asiatic Lily and Hosta blossoms over our four months of Summer here to create a  “Jasmine” scent..... “Traverse City- style”.   Naturally perfumed with fresh flowers from our farm over a 4 month period, then hand-sifted. 

The best we have ever experienced; sure to please! Another masterpiece made by simply using all of these miracles of agriculture created for us to enjoy.

Sold in 3.25 ounce tin



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