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Floral Jade Oolong -Tin

Floral Jade Oolong -Tin
Floral Jade Oolong -Tin
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100% Organic ingredients: Oolong Tea (lightly perfumed with flowers from this farm)

Meticulously twisted (Ti Kwan Yin-style) and Superior Quality Jade Oolong Tea leaves are the base, then we impart a light floral scent right on these beauties right here in our kitchen by using fresh Lilac, Asiatic Lily, Magnolia, and Hosta blossoms over our four months of Summer here to create a  “Jasmine” scent..... “Traverse City- style”.   Naturally perfumed with fresh flowers from our farm over a 4 month period, then hand-sifted. 

The best we have ever experienced; sure to please! Another masterpiece made by simply using all of these miracles of agriculture created for us to enjoy.




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