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Daily Matcha - 1 kg. (1000 gms) OUT OF STOCK

Daily Matcha - 1 kg. (1000 gms)  OUT OF STOCK
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1000 grams (1 kg./ 2.2 pounds) of very fresh, bright green, certified organic "Daily" Matcha. This is the "Jethro-sized" bulk family bag for the devoted! Just 68 cents per serving for all of that "good feeling-ness" from the inside out! 

About this product: Limited edition of the World's finest certified 100% certified organic "Daily" grade Matcha Green tea.  Strong and crisp- loaded with freshness and unique Green Tea anti-oxidants that researchers have been fascinated with and excited about. For Tea Ceremony- everyday affordability! Highest amount of O.R.A.C units per gram  (antioxidants) of any plant known to man. There are  20 servings per oz. (1/2 tsp. per person per day) with suggested serving size of 1/2 tsp. or 1 gram per person per serving.  This is a real treasure- so nurture yourself today with this "drink of the Samurai!"  Be sure to "subscribe" to our newsletter so that we can send you HEALTH file and recipes which includes good information about this special and historic drink.

Matcha,  is a tea product that we could produce here at Light of Day Organics in small amounts (because Tea is one of the botanicals that we grow) but we do not currently own the equipment necessary to de-vein or to grind the Tencha leaf into a fine powder within the laboratory setting it requires. Therefore, we rely on other certified organic farmers around the globe to grow and process this remarkable product for us. Because of concerns highlighted in the news of late re. radiation, pesticide, and heavy metal contamination, our Matcha and the soils they are grown in are tested to ensure that we are all enjoying the highest quality, safest matcha available to us today!  We hope that you enjoy this product as much as we do!



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