Hummingbird Nectar Chew- TIN


Hummingbird Nectar Chew- TIN


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Product Description

Chew tin- 1.5 oz. net weight.

“Chew it or brew it.” Great for that little boost of energy while out on a hike or your bike. Complete with a screw on lid. Meant to be refilled often!

Ingredients: Organic Montmorency Cherry, Organic Hibiscus, Organic Blueberry, Organic Grape, Organic Currant, Organic Elderberry and Organic Maple Syrup bits.

Blender’s Notes:  This is such a winner! This cheery and cherry-red fruit melange is just a delicious and refreshing tisane. By far- our most popular tisane for iced tea. we love to freeze into popsicles or  iced cube trays then add to white wine, beer, gingerale or juices. Makes a fantastic sangria base! This is the same product as our Hummingbird Nectar, we just had a little fun with the packaging to help a few fishermen in our family break their unhealthy chew habit by creating a healthy chewing one.

Additional Information

Weight 0.50000000 lbs
Dimensions 4.00000000 x 4.50000000 x 3.50000000 in


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