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Matcha - DAILY GRADE - 200 g. BAG

100% Certified Organic Ingredients: Matcha Green Tea

200 gram bag (200- 1 gram servings)

This is our "daily" grade Matcha Green tea. A lesser vibrant green than our CEREMONIAL grade, but still loaded with freshness and the unique Green Tea anti-oxidants that researchers have been fascinated with and excited about. For affordable  Tea Ceremony- everyday! There are  20 servings per oz. (1/2 tsp. per person per day) with suggested serving size of 1/2 tsp. or 1 gram per person per serving.  This is a real treasure- so nurture yourself today with this "drink of the Samurai!"  Be sure to "subscribe" to our newsletter so that we can send you HEALTH file and recipes which includes good information about this special and historic drink.

Matcha,  is a product that we could produce here at Light of Day Organics (because Tea - Camellia sinensis - is one of the botanicals that we grow) but we do not currently own the pharmaceutical grade equipment necessary to grind the Tencha leaf into a fine powder within the confines of the oxygen-controlled environment it requires to prevent oxidation. Therefore, we rely on other certified organic farmers around the globe to shade grow and professionally process this remarkable product for us.   We hope that you enjoy this product as much as we do!

MEDICAL DISCLAIMER  The information contained in this website or in any of our literature is not presented as medical advice, nor should it be used as a substitute with a qualified and licensed physician. Although much of the information can be found in sources cited in the Tea Association of America’s brochures, on the U.S Dept. of Agriculture’s website, and in many cited independent studies, much of the investigation related to Tea and Tisanes has, unfortunately, not been thoroughly evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration to date. Our products are not designed to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any specific diseases, and therefore any information contained herein is not to be read as a specific remedy or intended to guarantee any specific result. We are not responsible for any adverse effects or consequences resulting from the use of our products or any of the suggestions or procedures discussed within. If you have specific food allergies or aversions, please note all ingredients contained in each of our organic and gluten free products. As noted above, all matters pertaining to your health and well-being should be discussed with your licensed medical physician. Thank you.

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Customer Reviews

  1. *WOW!* Is there a better ...

    *WOW!* Is there a better rating than 'good"? There should be and EXCELLENT rating! "Good" just doesn't do justice to this high quality offering!!! Thank you for sending the testing to verify no radiation, pesticides or toxic heavy metals. I am going to be a customer for LIFE! Thank you!

    Reviewed by Kitty L on Oct. 16, 2019, 9:43 a.m. | Permalink

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