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Hummingbird Nectar - 5.5.oz. TIN

100% Certified Organic Ingredients:  

Montmorency Cherry, Hibiscus, Blueberry, Grape, Currant, Elderberry, Maple Syrup bits

Blender's Notes:This is such a winner! This cheery and cherry-red fruit melange is just a delicious and refreshing tisane. By far- our most popular tisane for iced tea. we love to freeze into popsicles or  iced cube trays then add to white wine, beer, gingerale or juices. Makes a fantastic sangria base! Naturally caffeine-free.


Cherry: “Americas’ Super Fruit” According to the United States Department of Agriculture once cup contains “ample” amounts of fiber, protein, vitamins A and C

Blueberry:  Blueberries can help heart health, bone strength, skin health, blood pressure, diabetes management, cancer prevention, and mental health

Grape:  Grapes are high in antioxidants, beneficial plant compounds that may protect against chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease

Currant:  Red currant berries are known as “superfruits” as they have naturally high antioxidant capacity

Elderberry:  Elderberries are particularly rich in flavonoids, especially anthocyanins which are responsible for their deep purple (almost black) colouring. These powerful antioxidants work to keep the immune system strong and resilient

Hibiscus:  Some scientists found that hibiscus tea has antioxidants that boats anti-inflammatory properties. These antioxidants reduce inflammation in blood vessels, preventing the buildup of blood cells that leads to blood clots and high blood pressure

Maple Bits: Consuming maple syrup which is high in antioxidant especially zinc, can help the body to build strong immune system and prevent from disease. An abundant sweetener that we suggest humans use in place of honey so that the honeybees can use the honey they produce to support their families over the wintertime.

MEDICAL DISCLAIMER  The information contained in this website or in any of our literature is not presented as medical advice, nor should it be used as a substitute with a qualified and licensed physician. Although much of the information can be found in sources cited in the Tea Association of America’s brochures, on the U.S Dept. of Agriculture’s website, and in many cited independent studies, much of the investigation related to Tea and Tisanes has, unfortunately, not been thoroughly evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration to date. Our products are not designed to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any specific diseases, and therefore any information contained herein is not to be read as a specific remedy or intended to guarantee any specific result. We are not responsible for any adverse effects or consequences resulting from the use of our products or any of the suggestions or procedures discussed within. If you have specific food allergies or aversions, please note all ingredients contained in each of our organic and gluten free products. As noted above, all matters pertaining to your health and well-being should be discussed with your licensed medical physician. Thank you.

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Customer Reviews

  1. I received this as a gift...

    I received this as a gift from my sister in law that lives in TC. I love this tea and can't wait to get more when I come visit. The fruit flavor is so refreshing!

    Reviewed by Tammy on Oct. 16, 2019, 9:43 a.m. | Permalink

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  2. Last week while shopping ...

    Last week while shopping the tea aisle at Oryana Natural Foods Market, the fruity fragrance of this lovely tea tempted me. After breakfast this morning I made my first potful and I am now enjoying my third cup. Such a cheery delight on a rainy November morning!

    Reviewed by Carla on Oct. 16, 2019, 9:43 a.m. | Permalink

    1 of 1 customer found this useful

  3. I received a couple of ta...

    I received a couple of tablespoons of this from my sister and used 1 T. to make a gallon of iced tea. I added 1/4 cup raw honey while hot. Most wonderful iced tea I have ever had. I will be buying my own very soon!!!

    Reviewed by Sue on Oct. 16, 2019, 9:43 a.m. | Permalink

    1 of 1 customer found this useful

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