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Gift Bundle: Feel the Love- Tea & Chocolates

Feel the Love Gift Bundle

We partnered-up with Patricia's Chocolates (also featured in the book Tasting and Touring Michigan) to create a fun box to share with your beloved. This gift set contains a tin of our legendary "In the Mood?" tea,  the tools to prepare the perfect cup of this relaxing tea, and a 6 pack of truffles infused with our award winning organic teas! 

The tools included are a  re-useable hand-sewn cotton/ hemp tea bag, and  stainless loose tea scoop for "the perfect cup!" A teaspoon with "sides" on it- excellent for producing a consistent result without having to weigh your tea each time!

The Tea is our "In the Mood?" - Ingredients: Organic Partridge Berry, Organic Rose Hips, Organic Passion Flower, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Ginger, Organic Damiana, Organic Roses and wild harvested conventional Muira Puama herb.

Blender's Notes: In the mood for love? Wild-harvested Muira Puama-- the precious inner bark of a Brazilian riverside tree-- has been historically used as a potent aphrodisiac. This is a Cinnamon-y and very earth-y tea, lovely tea that is confirmed by many to be very relaxing and a "mind calmer". We hope it makes you feel "In the mood" for love, or relaxation, or whatever you desire most. Naturally caffeine-free.

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