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Chakra Tea Leaf Necklace- OUT OF STOCK

Chakra Tea Leaf Necklaces- SUCH A COOL, GROUNDING GIFT!

The Beads:

1st Chakra Garnet
2nd Chakra Carnelian
3rd Chakra Amber Tiger Eye
4th Chakra Malachite
5th Chakra Turquoise
6th Chakra Lapis
7th Chakra Amethyst

Notes from the Artist...

The Leaf Metals:

I use brass for the leaves and sterling silver wire for the bead chain. The leaf is outlined from a live tea leaf plucked at Light of Day Organic Farm in Traverse City.

The Process:

The process has some very unique aspects to it. First of all there are things about working with metal that is not like any other artistic medium I have ever used. Metal work involves all of the elements -- air, fire, water, and earth. There is also the love, the love that goes into each piece and the love for the process.

Each leaf is traced and hand sawed from brass which is a combination of earth elements copper and zinc. I love the sound and rhythm the saw makes as it carefully cuts through the metal. The leaf is then lightly filed to smooth out any rough edges and then the edges are hammered with a cross peen hammer to give it the serrated edge of one of the tea leaves organically grown at Light of Day Organics. I then draw and etch the lines for leaf vines on each leaf.

The next phase involves fire. I use a propane torch with a bushy flame to anneal and to heat color the brass. They are then left to air cool. When cool I put them in a leaf shape I carved out of wood. Using a rawhide hammer I begin to shape each leaf. There is a very different sound of rawhide on metal and wood than steel hammers on brass. I then put the leaf back on my anvil and hammer the edges lightly to shape the leaf so that it will curl inwards to embrace the beads.

Now is the time for water and scrubbers to lightly clean and polish the inside of the leaf leaving a light patina and to leave a brassy glow the back side of the leaf. A curl is made on the leaf stem with pliers to hold the brass jump ring to hold the bead chain.

I begin begin a spiral with the sterling silver and add the bottom three beads. I finish that with a loop to hold the next section. The 4th Chakra Heart is on its own sterling link. It is the center of the chain and holds and unites the lower and upper Chakras. I add and finish the top three beads and assemble the leaf hanging it from a leather thong.


Part of my journey is one of spirit. I am a Reiki master and use Tibetan singing bowls and Tibetan style chant in my practice. I also am a Buddhist and follow a healing Medicine Buddha practice.

My art is an act of compassion. Everything for me is connected. My love, compassion, and respect include my relationship to my tools, the supplies I use, and the process. The chants and prayers are ongoing and link to our positive nature. It is a gift that hopefully creates a feeling of love, joy, and compassion for all.

Marcia Borell (The amazing Traverse City artist who makes these for us from actual tea leaves from our farm!)

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