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Light of Day Organic Farm and Tea Shop

Retail Store Phone: 231-228-7234


AUTUMN STORE HOURS: 10-3  Mon.- Friday, and Saturdays 10-5.  Website 24/7.

CONSUMER MEDICAL QUESTIONS: Please understand that as much as we would love to help you, it would be unprofessional for us to answer your medical questions, so please refrain from writing or calling us to discuss these types of inquiries.



Existing Wholesale Customers: Thank you for partnering with us! We request that all orders to be received in writing, so please email your order  to us at: If you have questions, please call  231-228-7235.  Office hours are variable; please leave a message or send email if no phone answer; we promise to respond the next time we’re in the office.

New Wholesale Inquiries:

Please submit your new wholesale inquiry to: with  “New Wholesale Request”  in the subject line. Please note that due to the nature of what we do here- grow agricultural products- we may not be able to accommodate your new customer request after the month of May when our farm is in full swing. We plant and process each year based on what we need to produce for our customers.