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Matcha - Maple Matcha POUND bag

100% Certified USDA Organic Maple Matcha - blended to order

Granulated Maple sugar blended with Ceremonial-grade Matcha tea powder-perfect for frothy-green smoothies or lattes. Each 1 pound. bag is custom blended to order.  Our recipe is 75% Certified USDA Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha and 25% Organic Maple Sugar granules, so not TOO sweet...just right. Pure and Simply delicious! This 16 ounce pound bag will prepare 160 (1 teaspoon) servings.

Matcha is a product that we shade grow in a limited amount here at Light of Day Organics (because Tea is one of the botanicals that we grow) but we do not currently own the pharmaceutical equipment necessary to de-vein or to grind the Tencha leaf into a fine powder within the laboratory setting it requires. Therefore, we rely on other Certified USDA Organic farmers around the globe (Japan and Australia) to grow and process this remarkable product for us to specific standards. Because of concerns in the news  re. radiation and heavy metal contamination, each batch of Matcha and the soils they are grown in are tested thoroughly to ensure that we are all enjoying the highest quality, safest matcha available to us today!  We hope that you enjoy this product as much as we do!

P.S We blend to order and keep frozen until right before we ship to you via Priority Mail.

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