Is that a yurt?

Vince and I purchased and assembled a beautiful round structure called a yurt this past summer- in an effort to provide a safe and fun place for our children (and their many cousins and friends) to play while Mom and Dad are still working at the farm. We’ve all...
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New website launched!

More to come on Pro Web Marketing….but for now, thank you to Dan, Jansen, Jason and Ryan for helping us get this new site launched! Special thanks to Sheri for corralling us into action.- Angela
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Open House

Fall is here and we are scurrying around to wind up all the hoses, collect seeds, finish drying what we have harvested the past few weeks, and seal up the greenhouse and hoop houses to keep heat in. Our tomatoes, planted from seed around the 4th of July, are...
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Bee Appreciation Class

Bee Appreciation Class, with Del Whitman (our wonderful bee keeper) BACK THIS SUMMER by popular demand, Light of Day is very pleased to announce Honey Bee Appreciation Class! DATE: October 26th, 2013 TIME: 2-4 pm FEE: $49 Dress in comfortable, warm, layered clothing & bring a jacket TOPICS INCLUDED:...
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Love the Matcha!

Matcha is a true treasure, & for hundreds of years was reserved for monastery use only, as a meditative aid. It is the world’s most labor-intensive agricultural product, and therefore, is not available in endless supply. Due to the increasing popularity of the organic ceremonial grade that we offer...
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