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Our Team

We have an amazing team...

The heart of our operation is our Farm Family…

Harvest Time


full timer: Angela Macke – registered nurse,  mom, & tea fairy- 

Thank you for your interest in our work. Light of Day Organics is officially registered as a "woman owned" agricultural business.  I founded Light of Day Organics, LLC  back in December of 2003, filing our articles of incorporation in 2004. Together now with my husband and two sons, we operate almost 75 unique, biodiverse, certified Organic (MOSA) and certified Biodynamic (Demeter) acres here in NW Michigan's pristine Leelanau County.  I am a Registered Nurse by training, a Specialty Tea Institute graduate, a Green America Partner, an Advanced Master Gardener  & mentor, a member of the U.S. Tea Association, a tea instructor with the Great Lakes Culinary Institute, a Healing Touch Practitioner, and an importer of certified agricultural commodities.  I graduated with honors from Western Michigan University, and from Bronson School of Nursing in Kalamazoo, Michigan. I have appreciated the opportunity to share this work by presenting and teaching on holistic health, tea and Biodynamic farming methods around the country.

We're small but mighty. Light of Day Organics  was named Environmentalist of the Year for Business (2007-2008) and Michigan Small Business of the Year (2008-2009). We intentionally stay small so that we can keep our promises to excellence and to family work/ play balance.

Our ingredients continue to be hand-harvested and blended to completion into original specialty & award-winning Teas and Tisanes (of which the majority contain agricultural constituents grown right here on our farm). We began growing because when this first began we quickly discovered that many of the Biodynamic ingredients I was seeking for our recipes were not readily available in the general marketplace.

We are as a company dedicated to teaching through example about the importance of a respect and reverence for all life, and educating about the wonderful world of “Cha-Do” (the “way” of tea) with a fun, creative, mindful, and memorable Grassroots style that I hope you'll enjoy at one of our workshops.

My intention with this tea-evangelism project is to support the nurturing of minds, hearts, spirits and bodies with nutrient-dense product offerings so that all of us will have the strength to do what we are called here on this Earth to do reach our full potential as human beings.

Seasonal Crew: Thank you,  brilliant crew!

Thank you first to my family at home: Vince, Peter & Leland Macke. And thank you to our farm family Madeline Baroli, Kristen Ryder, Sara Baarstad, Barb Tholin , Nicole Schafer, Mary Jackowski, Ted Pryde, Summer Holcomb and Ashley Smolen, Byte Productions (our website), Harris Group (CPA), Bryce Dreeznan (consultant), and many friends and family members who pitch in with a smile. We love you- thank you for your support of this special project!

Dave Bradshaw

Dave is our official  “Mr. Fix- it” and we so appreciative of the care, skill, and healthy sense of humor he brings to the farm along with his other tools.