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Light of Day Organic Teas


“Where the world meets the finest Leelanau-grown Tea, flowers, herbs and fruit. Blended locally. Enjoyed everywhere.”


Light of Day Organic Farm and Tea Shop is a Northern Michigan company, located in gorgeous Leelanau County, just 8 miles West of historic downtown Traverse City. We are 8 miles from Lake Michigan and are on the direct route (M-72 West) to the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. Our address is: 3502 E. Traverse Hwy. Traverse City, Michigan. Please visit our “Hours of Operation” for seasonal visiting hours.

Founding Director

Our company was founded by a Traverse City Mom named Angela Macke in 2003. Her background in Holistic health, as both a Registered Nurse, Educator, and Horticulturalist, plus her own positive experience utilizing gentle, natural rhythms to restore balance in her own life as she successfully manages an auto-immune disease she was diagnosed with over 25 years ago, plays an integral role in the creation of each and every blend of Tea. Angela believes that a holistic approach is the most effective way to restore optimal health and a sense of well being. Helping her customers to create healthy lifestyle habits that support the prevention of illness, and to increase their overall vitality and passion for life is Angela’s intention as she continues to tend to her farm and her customers.

Angela Macke, Founder Light of Day Organics

Angela, holding "Best Small Business" Governor's award.

from Traverse Magazine

Our Farm and Production

Our products are Certified Organic and the Lion’s share are grown right here on our certified Demeter Biodynamic farm in Traverse City under the guidelines of the National Organic Program, and Demeter U.S.

Our exceptionally high-quality botanicals are hand-harvested, dried in our licensed commercial farm kitchen, and packaged with great care. With each step in the process, positive intention and prayer for your well being is offered up. We blend all of our private recipe teas in small batches to promote consistency, to maximize freshness and with the intention of offering them to you in their most pristine state so that you may enjoy the maximal nutritive benefits as Mother Nature intended.

Certifications and Process

Here at Light of Day Organics®, we believe in authenticity! This means supporting local and foreign farmers through  third-party verified  (which includes annual audits and product testing) of fair trade commerce practices, growing certified Organic and Demeter® Biodynamic ingredients and when necessary, outsourcing only 100% certified Organic  agricultural commodities (spices, seeds, rare barks, specialty teas, etc.- if we cannot grow enough of them ourselves here in Michigan). All of our products are Gluten-free, Non-GMO, Kosher compliant, and we process in our facility that just processes our ingredients (so no chance of contamination by dairy, nuts, gluten, etc.).

Light of Day's Organic Gardens

Light of Day's Organic Gardens

Conscientious Packaging

We believe in presenting these products in their most natural, loose form. They have been packaged in lovely, domestically-manufactured, polished silver tins to protect them from the elements. We used a local designer, and local printer for soy-based ink labels and other packaging needs using Earth-friendly sustainable materials. We hand blend to completion in small batches, then package and label our teas right here in our farm kitchen.

Quality of Product / Quality of Life

We wanted to make sure that taste wasn’t the only thing to feel good about. Ensuring the highest quality of tea for you and life for those who bring it to us is part of our mission. We honor all of those involved in bringing this extremely labor-intensive crop from the fields to our cup by paying everyone a proper living wage and encouraging the spiritual sacredness of the family unit and community with time off from work to recharge and to play in this beautiful area that we are blessed to call “home”.

It is Light of Day’s sincere intention that you may enjoy balance and reach your full potential as a human being! We want everyone to enjoy superb health, inner peace, joyfulness, and be on a well-lit path that will benefit the greater good with all that you do. We hope that you will discover, (and hopefully learn to cherish), the ancient and life-giving ritual of having a “spot of tea.”

For all of us here at Light of Day, tea is so more than an iced beverage to soothe your thirst in the Summertime or to comfort your sore throat in the Wintertime.  We have come to appreciate that the commitment to daily self-care by taking time out to enjoy tea is a representative of the commitment and conscious choice to live simply and to live each day with wonder and deep reverence for every created thing.

We really appreciate you taking the time to visit us on our website and hope that you enjoyed learning more about us!

Thank you.