The heart of our operation is our team…

Angela Macke – R.N & Founding Director

Angela  founded Light of Day Organics Tea Company in 2004. She and her family own and operate 75+ unique acres – Michigan’s only Demeter certified Biodynamic land. Angela is a Specialty Tea Institute graduate, a Green America Partner, an Advanced Master Gardener  & mentor, a member of the U.S. Tea Association, a tea instructor with the Great Lakes Culinary Institute, a Healing Touch Practitioner, and an importer of certified agricultural commodities.  She is a nationally recognized speaker and tea educator.

As founder and director of Light of Day Organics she was named Environmentalist of the Year for Business (2007-2008) and  Michigan Small Business of the Year (2008-2009). She is an honors graduate of Western Michigan University, and of Bronson School of Nursing in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Angela continues to hand harvest and finish blend her original specialty award-winning Teas and Tisanes that contain many constituents not available in the general marketplace. She is dedicated to teaching through example about the importance of a respect and reverence for all life, and educating about the wonderful world of “Cha-Do” (the “way” of tea) with a fun, creative, mindful, highly enjoyable and memorable Grassroots style.

She has said that her intention with this “project” is to support the nurturing of minds, hearts, spirits and bodies with highly nutritious content so that all have the strength to do what we are here on this Earth to do- “to reach our full potential as human beings”.

Come, bring a blanket and bask in the sunshine- treat yourself to a cup of tea- come renew yourself.

With my love…Angela

Tami Ward

Tami is a licensed Massage Therapist and has been a tea educator in our retail tea shop since March of 2015. You will enjoy her mellow energy and effective, powerful teaching style as she orients you to our tea shop or teaches from behind the tea bar.

Melisa McKolay

Missy has been working with our team since October of 2016. During the snowy months, she works in the kitchen, carefully packaging our product, and in the Summertime, you’ll  see her in our retail store and tea wellness center when you come in for a tea tasting. She loves serving our guests and making them feel welcome.

Jeannine Ransom

J.R is our order fulfillment tea fairy! She’s been with us since June of 2016 and processes your online orders with care and attention to detail every time. She’s a solid co-worker and a deeply appreciated component to our team here.

 Leland Macke

Leland is a huge help to the operation and provides both charming and grounding male energy at the register for us during the Summertime, and occasionally on weekends during the Winter when he’s not bowling with his brother and other high school teammates. Leland grew up on an abundant diet of Matcha and loose teas, and we remember well him drinking Matcha smoothies out of a sippy cup! His favorite tea is our Leelanau Licorice.

Kristen Ryder

Kristen is our social media guru, tea evangelist, cherished friend of Light of Day family and so much more! Kristen is a Licensed Social Worker during the school year, and comes to play and educate with us here during the Summer months. She also teaches yoga classes at Cowell Cancer Center and here at Light of Day Organics periodically as well.

Dave Bradshaw

Dave is our official  “Mr. Fix- it” and we so appreciative of the care, skill, and healthy sense of humor he brings to the farm along with his other tools.

Peter Macke, Kyle Storey, and Sam Holmes

Sam and Peter have been helping us keep our grounds during the summers since 2013. Kyle was a fantastic addition in 2016. Thank you for all the love you give to the Earth boys! Your smiles and laughter, plus brilliant ideas light up this place! The flowers stand up tall and radiate more color when they know you’re coming!

Christine Stalsonberg-

WELCOME ANGELIC ENERGY! This summer, we are pleased to welcome Angelic Energy’s Christine Stalsonburg to teach about essential oils and its many applications. Christine’s Bio. reads…
“As a Certified Aromatherapist (Approved through N.A.H.A), I can offer you the piece of mind you need when looking to essential oils as a way of supporting your bodies healing processes. There are many options out there for you to purchase your essential oils and to get your advice. I am hopeful that you will find my level of knowledge on the subject far superior then purchasing blindly from a store or web site.
Safety is, and will always be, my #1 concern when I consult with my clients. There is a lot of mis-information out there about purity and safe use of essential oils. Only from extensive training and use can one gain this information and guide others to best practices.”
Christine Stalsonburg
Certified Aromatherapist
Angel Therapy Practitioner
Angelic Energy
Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit


Rodasi Campbell

Rodasi has been a student of meditation for over 15 years, graduating two different meditation teacher trainings between 2001 & 2013, including the Bright Path Ishayas’ Mastery of the Self Course.  Rodasi has facilitated meditation & mindfulness trainings + stress reduction workshops for Hagerty Insurance Company, PepsiCo, Northwestern Michigan College, The Women’s Resource Center, Women’s Zonta Club, Addiction Treatment Services and more. She has had the pleasure of teaching Ascension meditation  nationwide, as well as in Canada, the UK & Spain, – and Sweden – via Skype! Rodasi is also a Shiatsu therapist (a form of Japanese bodywork). She specializes in pre & postnatal care, but offers therapy to any-body. Since 2003, Rodasi has been a student + teacher of women’s spirituality including lay-woman’s herbology. Rodasi has also attended the Sacred Pregnancy & Sacred Postpartum trainings via the Sacred Living Movement. Last, but really first, Rodasi is the Mama of two amazing daughters ages 11 & 1.  She looks so forward to diving into the magic of the Stillness with you, as well as all that Light of Day Organics Farm has to offer.