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August Newsletter 2016

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June Newsletter 2016

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Summer Hours are here! Now open Mon.-Sat. 10-5

Welcome sunshine, gentle rains, and abundance in all ways! We’re here 6 days a week from tomorrow on, and are eager to see you between the hours of 10-5. Tea bar open and iced cold tea awaits you.


Angela and Farm Family: Kelsey, Katharine, Tami, Elaine, Kristen, Leland, Sam, and Barb…

Yoga 2016


“From a young age, music, movement, and athletics were a big part of my life. Whether it was playing the piano, dancing, cheerleading, or playing softball, being active has always been something I’ve enjoyed. As an adult, my need for movement drew me towards cycling, hiking, and running, and I began to use yoga as a way to increase flexibility and strengthen my body.

During graduate school, I turned to yoga for more therapeutic needs: to help me breathe, de-stress, stay grounded,…

May Day 2016

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April Newsletter 2016

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March Newsletter 2016

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Life and Whim Blog post about our Matcha


Life and Whim

Jay Harrington

February Newsletter 2016

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January Newsletter 2016

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December Newsletter 2015

December Newsletter…

November Newsletter 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

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October Newsletter 2015

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September 2015 – Music at Light of Day

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August Newsletter 2015

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Yoga 2015

Full Moon Classes

Join us as we salute the full moon. In this all levels flow class we will honor the moon through a devotional practice of recognizing all that we have, and releasing that which no longer serves us. We will focus on turning inward bringing attention to the connection between breath and movement. Come connect with us at Light of Day.

Please bring a yoga mat and a water bottle.

8-9 pm 7/2, 7/31, 8/29
*Donation Class

The Light of Day Chakra Experience with Jamie Bell

Join us at the Light of Day Farm for an event that explores…

Summer Solstice Party 2015

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2015 Summer Solstice Potluck and Bonfire Invitation

Light of Day Organics invites you to come celebrate the Summer Solstice with us- potluck-style- on Saturday, June 20 from 4-9 pm, with bonfire afterwards for those who want to linger on and enjoy the magnificent night sky with friends. We’ll be unearthing Biodynamic preparations around 7 pm, potentizing (stirring with intention for an hour), then bathing the land with healing homeopathics (BD 500)  just before dark as the Earth ‘takes a deep breath’…

Massage Therapy

Professional Massage by Licensed Massage Therapist Tami Ward

Mondays are massage days! Book a session  for a unique massage experience in our yurt.
For more info:


Tami Ward
Licensed massage therapist

Tami has joined us here at the farm and brought her 8 yrs. of bodywork experience!

Tami’s versatile style, ranging from relaxation to deep tissue, allows her to cater to each guest’s specific needs.

Her broad range of modalities comes from her travels cross-country, gathering experience from a variety of settings including a chiropractor’s office, dance and yoga studios, and resort spas.

Whether its practicing yoga or exploring northern…

Spring 2015 Newsletter

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Benefits of Tea by MI News 26

MINews_pic2Thank you so much to Paula Jasper and Wyatt VanDuinen from MI News 26 for their coverage on the benefits of Light of Day Organics teas. Our pesticide-free farm is 100% certified organic and the only certified Demeter Biodynamic farm in Michigan. We so loved spending time with them, talking about the health and personal benefits of teas and sharing the beauty and uniqueness of the farm.

Check out their video here.

Come visit the farm Monday through Saturday to see our 2 new hoop…

Read Northern Express


Kristi Kates – May 26th, 2014 

Tea, even in the most suitable conditions, is one of the world’s most labor-intensive crops.

From the careful plant germination, to the hand-harvesting, drying, blending and packaging, farming tea is never simple even in its native tropical climate.

It’s even less so here in Northern Michigan, where…

Strawberry Ice

Happy National Strawberry Month!
Ahhhh, strawberries. Isn’t it wonderful when something that tastes so amazing is also so amazingly good for you?  Kind of reminds us of tea…

This beautiful strawberry was grown here Light of Day Organics farm and was rinsed, sliced, dried, then blended into “Strawberry Ice”, our featured White Tea this month.  It’s so perfect – can’t you almost taste how delicious it would be?!

Strawberries are packed with vitamins (especially vitamin C), fiber, and phytochemicals.  This combination of these compounds is why strawberries:

have demonstrated anticancer activity
provide benefits to the aging brain
lower the risk…

Last Day for March on Matcha Sale!

All Match Green Tea On Sale! Stock up today and enjoy great savings. Sale ends today March 31,…

The Tea Plants Are Thriving!

Time to put on snowshoes to head out to the hoop house… WOW! It’s 70 degrees in there! The plants are thriving and the low temperature on chilly Saturday morning was -6 here in Northern Michigan.

Beautiful green leaves and overflowing with new growth!

-Posted by…

Tea Plants Thriving

Spring is just around the corner. You will be amazed at how well our tea plants are doing in the hoop house… teaplantsfeb14 This photo was taken on Saturday, Feb. 8, the outside temperature was ranging between 6 and 10 degrees but the temperature in the hoop house was 70 degrees! Visit us this spring and tour our beautiful gardens and enjoy shopping for your favorite tea and hopefully some new ones. We are proud to be the only organic tea farm in north…

Hooray to new Flat Rate Shipping on our website!

Welcome new and improved $8.95 Flat Shipping Rate to our website!!  You’ve been such amazing customers, and your loyalty has paid off. It is wonderful to be able to offer this 😉 Hope this makes getting our  teas into your hands a little easier.

(We love you!)

Angela and Farm…

Growing Tea in a Blizzard

Well, it’s the snowiest and coldest  Winter I’ve seen since first moving here in 1996 when we had in the neighborhood of 180 inches by Spring’s final analysis. It will be fun to see if we beat that record (our plow guy says that will be no problem!).

Check out this short video which captures life on the farm this past weekend…

Winter VIDEO…

Finding Spring (just buried in the snow)

Fresh snow on the farm in April


Farm friends in the Midwest… did you, too, look out your window this morning with an irrational feeling of betrayal?

Living in a region which truly embraces all four seasons has a certain charm. We fall asleep to birds and color—and awake to white. There are few moments more magical than that first moment of waking to a thick, heavy blanket of snow where only the day before there was none. So perhaps it is unfair of…

March Newlsletter 2013 ~ featuring “Levitating Lemon”

Blender’s Notes: The fresh lemony scent of our newest green tea, Levitating Lemon, isn’t the only thing that will energize you – the Yerba Mate in this blend adds to its energizing effect!  It’s a great choice for these last weeks of wintery weather, to get you excited about the upcoming season and to give you the energy to complete your Spring projects.
Levitating Lemon Tea

Levitating Lemon Tea

100% Certified Organic Ingredients:  Sencha Green Tea, Yerba Mate, Lemon Balm, Lemon Peel, and Lemon…

Green Tea for this Green Month


Tea Plant grown  with love on our farm

Tea Plant grown with love on our farm

If you’re in Northern Michigan and all you see is WHITE outside today, you may be wondering how we can call this a green month.  Well, March’s holiday involves the color green, yesterday was the Spring Equinox, and it’s very green in the Light of Day greenhouse, so we know that it won’t be too long before Mother Nature lets us see green outside, too!  So, let’s celebrate with…

Mindfulness Meditation

Roses on a fence at our farm

Roses on a fence at our farm


Enliven your heart with this simple exercise…

Being told that we are loved is not the same as feeling loved. Knowing that the sun is shining by looking through a window is a very different experience than actually going outside & feeling the warm sunshine on your bare skin.
It is a healthy & happy person who both knows that they are loved, and feels that they are loved.
Basking in the warmth and…

Yoga Event

Detox, Restore, Renew and Connect- Jan.12th

a yoga event at Shanti School of Yoga- Saturday, January 12th, 6-8 p.m. Light of Day Organics Tea offerings chosen to support your well-being: Right as Rain, Be Still, and Sun in the Winter. Namaste!

Entering the depths of Winter…

Sweet dreams, oh hibernating ones…may you awaken renewed and refreshed from your cocoons.

Our warmest wishes for a blessed and continuous celebration of these holy days.

With our love,

The Macke…

Is that a yurt?

Vince and I purchased and assembled a beautiful round structure called a yurt this past summer- in an effort to provide a safe and fun place for our children (and their many cousins and friends) to play while Mom and Dad are still working at the farm. We’ve all been enjoying this sacred space very much, as it’s such a cool place to invite our guests over for book, herb or Bible studies, family gatherings, homework, yoga stretching, quiet meditation, or quick “Jedi naps” as a break from a busy work day. The wood…

New website launched!

More to come on Pro Web Marketing….but for now, thank you to Dan, Jansen, Jason and Ryan for helping us get this new site launched! Special thanks to Sheri for corralling us into action.-…

Open House

Fall is here and we are scurrying around to wind up all the hoses, collect seeds, finish drying what we have harvested the past few weeks, and seal up the greenhouse and hoop houses to keep heat in. Our tomatoes, planted from seed around the 4th of July, are growing well within the rich hoophouse soil, and we prayerfully await their ripening.

We are hosting an informal “Open House” on Octber 13th, 2012 for friends of the farm to come celebrate the closure of the season with us. We’ll have lots of hot tea, some…

Bee Appreciation Class

Bee Appreciation Class, with Del Whitman (our wonderful bee keeper)

BACK THIS SUMMER by popular demand, Light of Day is very pleased to announce Honey Bee Appreciation Class!

  • DATE: October 26th, 2013
  • TIME: 2-4 pm
  • FEE: $49
  • Dress in comfortable, warm, layered clothing & bring a jacket
    • The role of the honey bee in our ecology
    • Honey Tasting: Peach Blossom, Orange Blossom, Cactus Blossom, Fireweed, Buckwheat, and Light of Day’s multi-floral single origin honey made with love from happy bees living here on our Biodynamic farm
    • Soap Making with Honey
    • Honey Extraction
    • World history of…

Thank you for your business & tea-evangelism!

Our Farm Sign on M-72 W. (heading towards Sleeping Bear Dunes)

Our Farm Sign on M-72 W. (heading towards Sleeping Bear Dunes)

Dear friend of Light of Day,

Your “Tea-evangelism” efforts contribute in a very significant way to help make others aware of the important work we are doing here on this diverse Biodynamic farm.

The loose leaf teas and tisanes that we produce here are labor-intensive ones which truly are made with incredible love and care. Our devoted team has been implementing Dr. Rudolph Steiner’s Biodynamic…

Love the Matcha!

Pictured here are 2 grades of Matcha (ours is on the left...)

Pictured here are 2 grades of Matcha (ours is on the left…)

Matcha is a true treasure, & for hundreds of years was reserved for monastery use only, as a meditative aid. It is the world’s most labor-intensive agricultural product, and therefore, is not available in endless supply. Due to the increasing popularity of the organic ceremonial grade that we offer (shown above on left), for the first time in our 8 year…

Quotes for “marinating”…

Harvesting feverfew with an agricultural comb

Harvesting feverfew with an agricultural comb

“Real joy comes not from ease or riches or from the praise of men, but from doing something worthwhile”.
-Wilfred T. Grenfell

Organic farm fresh veggies

Organic farm fresh veggies

” The body is a sacred garment. It’s your first and last garment; it is what you enter life with and what you depart this Earthly life with.. and it should be treated with honor”.
-Martha Graham