Our Team

The heart of our operation is our team

Angela Macke — Registered Nurse and Founder

Angela  founded Light of Day Organics Tea Company in 2004. She and her family own and operate 25 unique acres- Michigan’s only Demeter certified Biodynamic land. Angela is a Specialty Tea Institute graduate, a Green America Partner, an Advanced Master Gardener (M.S.U) & mentor, a member of the U.S. Tea Association, a tea instructor with the Great Lakes Culinary Institute, a Healing Touch Practitioner, and a licensed importer of Fair trade certified agricultural commodities.  She is a nationally recognized speaker and tea educator. As founder and director of Light of Day Organics she was named Environmentalist of the Year for Business (2007-2008) and  Michigan Small Business of the Year (2008-2009). She is an honors graduate of Western Michigan University, and of Bronson School of Nursing in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Angela continues to hand harvest and  finish blend her original specialty award-winning Teas and Tisanes that contain many constituents not available in the general marketplace. She is dedicated to teaching through example about the importance of a respect and reverence for all life, and educating about the wonderful world of “Cha-Do” (the “way” of tea) with a fun, creative, mindful, highly enjoyable and memorable Grassroots style. She has said that her intention with this “project” is to support the nurturing of minds, hearts, spirits and bodies with highly nutritious content so that all have the strength to do what we are here on this Earth to do- “to reach our full potential as human beings”.

Come, bring a blanket and bask in the sunshine- let me treat you to a cup of tea- come renew yourself.  With my love…Angela

Susi McConnell

Susi McConnell is our head “Packaging Elf” here at Light of Day. She has been applying hand labels, taking individual weights, hand filling and sealing each tea tin for us since January of 2012. Susi is fun, witty, humble, patient, is an avid gardener, true nature lover, excellent pastry chef, gentle in all ways and loves her time as a horsewoman. She is a good friend to many, loving wife to Tom for over 30 years, and is a wonderful Grandmother. Angela and Susi love talking about spirituality, plants, cooking gluten free and vegetarian when they are in the kitchen together. Susi is a wonderful friend, and it is a privledge to have her here on our team!

Kirsten “Rosemarie” Wilhelm

Written by her boyfriend, Micah…” enigma.  bright as the tea is reflective.  matcha daily, more than a way of life, a way to live, to be alive. know no roles: plant, play with earthworms,  fix forms, call you on the phone.  let it grow, study the results.  not learn to live, live to learn. favorite tea: what was packed this morning?”

Rosemarie is a true treasure and Light of Day would not be the same without! Her sweet voice and elegant teaching style make the tea bar and everyone around her  brighten up . Come in for a tea tasting at the bar this Summer with Rosemarie..but don’t wait too long…she’s aiming for medical school next Fall,  and a fine physician she will be!

Nic Welty

Nic built our hoophouse for us and he and we’re  strategizing about how to build more together….

Nic Welty and his wife Jen own and operate 9 Bean Rows Farm in Northport on Leelanau Peninsula, a year-round CSA farm and bakery. Nicholas manages most of the farming operation, which consists of about four acres, using three passive solar hoophouses to aid year-round production, and raises chickens for eggs and meat. They sell their fruits, veggies and baked goods at several farmers markets, as well as marketing through the CSA and selling through a small farm to table cafe. Nic is dedicated to the pursuit of sustainable agriculture, saving farmland, and is an avid supporter of local farmers. Nic volunteers with many state and local organizations including Michigan Farmers Market Association, Michigan Food and Farming Systems, Little Artshram, Northwest Michigan Small Farms Conference, and makes guest appearances at local schools promoting healthy eating and local farms. In addition to spending winters lecturing on topics specializing in farm business planning, hoophouse design, and use, Nic also offers custom consulting and construction services to local farmers emphasizing hoophouse construction, and farm business design. Before focusing on his own farm, Nicholas managed fruit and vegetable crop production and agricultural business plan development at Black Star Farms in Suttons Bay. Prior to that, he completed a Master of Science degree at The Ohio State University, where he focused on plant genetics following his Bachelor of Science degree at Carnegie Melon University. There he double-majored in Biology and Economics and minored in Chemistry. 9 Bean Rows began operation in 2009, and Nic was recognized as Farmer of the Year in 2010 by Michigan Food and Farming Systems, and in 2011 9 Bean Rows was awarded edible Communities as a local hero as food artisans.

Pamela Bradshaw, B.S.N, C.N.M

After a forty year nursing and midwifery career, many of those years supporting and teaching women about relaxation and health, Pam has joined the Light of Day Family.  She lives in the woods near the farm and finds great spiritual strength from our wonderful corner of the world and is very excited to continue work with a focus on similar teaching in a whole new place and pace.  Pam began her interest in tea in Scotland as a midwifery student where she also began her interest in Dave, her great husband of over 30 years.

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